To be Continued

Directed by Ivars Seleckis

The film was shot over a period of two years, from September 2015, when, three years before the Latvian Centenary, five children started school in different parts of Latvia. The ‘To Be Continued’ documentary follows their lives throughout their first school year.
Kārlis's family is firmly rooted in the Latvian countryside. Gleb's grandparents came to Latvia only in the Soviet period. Zane's family are first-generation urban-dwellers. Anastasija's family moved from the city to the countryside. Anete's mum lives and works in England. The film explores how these choices made by adults are reflected in a child's thinking. ‘To Be Continued’ is the first part of a planned long-term observational documentary series focusing on five Latvian-born children. The series aims to return to the protagonists of the first documentary every seven years, continuing to record the developments in their life over time.

International Premiere: Visions du Réel (2018)

Length: 96 min

Researcher: Dace Dzenovska
Cinematographer: Valdis Celmiņš
Composer: Kārlis Auzāns
Sound: Ernests Ansons
Editor: Andra Doršs
Script and editing consultant: Krista Burāne
Associate Producer: Inese Boka-Grūbe
Producers: Gints Grūbe, Antra Gaile